Recycle for a world of good

One platform to make recycling easy.


Organize, engage and make a greener world.

One easy-to-use platform to streamline launching, managing and growing recycling in your city, building or business.

Program Communication

One place to share news, events and information with program participants.

Resource Directory

Help program participants understand how to recycle and find markets for materials not covered in your program.

Service Reminders

Create automated SMS and email service day reminders for participants.

Training Resources

Access our library of educational videos and promotional media. Customize materials for your specific program.

Create Quizzes & Surveys

Educate and engage participants to improve performance. Create your own recycling “Badges” with participant rankings.


Incentivize user defined activities to increase participation and make recycling fun!

Manage Services

Order pickups, change schedules and report issues directly with your recycler or hauler.

Data & Analytics

A unified dashboard for collecting, analyzing and promoting your program recovery and environmental impact.

Mobile Apps

Instantly launch program on our user-friendly mobile app or easily create your own branded version.

Comprehensive solutions for recycling and waste management for every environment.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Governmental Facilities

Office Buildings

Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

Shopping Malls & Plazas

Restaurants & Retail Stores

Concert/Sports Facilities

Schools & Universities

State, County & Municipal Programs